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ZLB series axial flow pump in vertical semi-adjustable blade type axial flow pump,the blade Angle can be manual adjusted according to the working condition in advance when assembling, make the pump running in high efficient area. This series of pump diameter, 350, 350, 600, 700, 500, 900, 1000, 1200 and even more, flow is 700 ~18000 m³/h, head is 1.5 ~ 10m.Pump consists of pump body and transmission parts, installation includes pump and transmission ,which need higher demand of concentricity, should be a professional installation, the installation height is determined by the design department according to local water level change.


Technology Parameter:





Temperature of conveying liquid:≤50℃


Features and Advantages:

High efficiency

Widely application for power station、City water supply and drainage、other water conservancy engineering

Motor and pump Working above on the ground, so staff easy to find problems of heating、vibration and so on

Easy for maintenance


Application Field:

Water transfer project

Agriculture Irrigation

Municipal water supply and drainage

Mild Sewage drainage

Power station water supply and drainage

Eco-environmental water treatment 

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