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Stainless steel QJ submersible borehole pump

Products Overview:

QJY small multi-stage submersible pumps for deep well application , multi-stage centrifugal impeller, radial diffuser structure; Single face mechanical seal, seal retainer is "O" type oil resistant rubber sealing ring to be the static sealing.

Product Features:
1) Improved motor, better power, lower temperature, larger flow
2) Improved impeller, larger flow, higher efficiency, better energy efficiency
3) B grade capacitance, F insulation, intelligent thermal sensor protection, longer service life
4) Double bearing structure, bear a greater axial force, pump shaft upgraded to 304 stainless steel, better anticorrosive and wearing performance
5) Impeller, diffuser adopts high temperature resistant material, ensure the pump reliable operation for long time
6) Disassembly, repairing, maintenance is convenient

1) Medium temperature shall not exceed + 40 ºC
2) Medium PH between 6.5-8.5
3) Solid  impurities volume is less than 0.1%, size not more than 0.2 mm
4) Frequency 50 Hz, Voltage 380V, other voltage request should extra statement
5) Submerged depth not exceed 70 mm

Model description:

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