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Mining 2015 Indonesia was held at Jakarta International Exhibition Centre from September 9 to September 12. Such exhibition is held once two years, with exhibition area of more than 30000 square meters and main exhibition products of mining equipment and its accessories, mineral processing, mining machinery equipment, various engineering machines, mining machines and technology, etc.

At the exhibition lasting for four days, the booth of HENG DA JIANGHAI has attracted a number of exhibitors, and our working staff communicated with visitors patiently with full enthusiasm all along. After knowing our products, the professional audience and exhibiting enterprises expressed their cooperation intention.


In particular, our products are greatly supported by local Chinese groups of Indonesia. They intend to act as the agent for our products and recommend our products to mining and municipal water conservancy. Through this exhibition, our company exhibited several categories of products of HENG DA JIANGHAI to distributors and mining customers.


Meanwhile, through site communication, we collected the information of potential customers, further knowing the latest conditions of mining market.


HENGDA JIANGHAI will provide efficient overall drainage solutions to mining and municipal industries with more mature and specialized attitude, making contribution to the prosperous development of society.



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