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Recently, 2 sets of submersible electric pumps with the Ex-proof type BQ1100-850/10-4000/W-S for mine drainage,with the maximum power in the world and manufactured by Hefei Hengda Jianghai Pump ,now have been successful disposable commissioning and operation with a horizontal installation in Mudu Chaideng Mine, Yihua Mining Industry, Erdos, China Coal.

The equipment was purchased by China Coal Erdos Yihua Mining Resource LLC on December 26, 2012. The design parameters of the submersible electric pump as follows:

Rated flow : 1,100m3/h

Rated head : 850m

Motor power : 4,000KW

Voltage  10KV


On June 19, 2015, it was first installed and commissioned in the Coal well of the vertical shaft of Mudu Chaideng Mine of Erdos Yihua Mining Resource LLC and had successful disposable startup.


The unit runs effectively and on-site working condition detection was as follows:

The pump flow : 1,100m3/h

Head : 700m (actual vertical height of the mine need)

Motor power : 4,000KW


All of which meet various design parameters of the equipment.

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