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1. With stainless steel casing, high head, large flow rate, corrosion-resistant, environment-friendly.

2.Viton double mech. Seal in oil chamber, single mech. Seal in outer chamber,which minimize the seal problem because of friction between skeleton oil seal and shaft.

3.Motor uses high temp. wire,F grade insulation, with thermal protector, which prolong the pump’s service life.

4.The pump can be installed with agitator or cutter device according to the requirement from customer. Agitator, which rotates with motor shaft, produces very strong agitation force, makes sediment become sestons to discharge.cutter, which cuts the long fibers, plastic, paper bag, straw into pieces to discharge.

5.For high-temperature liquid, corrosion resistant cable,Teflon mech. Seal can be choosed.



Buildings, hospitals, residence, municipal works, traffic construction, factories, cultivation, pharmacy, beverage, seawater, saltwater , long fiber sewage ,etc.



1.Max. immersion depth:5m

2.Max. liquid temperature: +60℃

3.PH: 304(PH 4-10),316 (PH 2-13)

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