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WL vertical sewage pump

The unique impeller design and the great flow-path block-up resisting hydraulic parts greatly enhance the ability for sewage to pass and effectively have fibre matters and solid grains passing through.

Belongs to the integrated electromechanical product with both pump and motor in one shaft to directly drive, resulting in compact structure and stable performance

Strong suitability, suitable for transporting city's living sewage, factory, mine etc. Enterprises sewage.

Easy operation, low cost for maintenance; Can be over ally placed outdoors to work without need of machine room, saving great deal of construction fees.

Mechanical seal is made of hard wearable corrosion-proof tungsten carbide and features durability and wear ability and can safely and continually run over 800h.
Motor is reasonably, high overall efficiency, good hydraulic performance and low noise at running.


This product is mainly used to transport city's sewage, factory, mine etc. Enterprises' sewage, slurry,paper pulp etc.

Cycling water pump, water supply and drain pumps, exploration, mine fitted auxiliary machine, methane-generating pit in countryside, farming irrigation


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