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The submersible tubular axial flow pump with the Impeller Built-in is a new product, which is researched and developed by predecessor of our company Hefei Electrical Machinery Plant on the basis of submersible relay pump in the late 1980s. Recently, our company researched and developed a new generation of submersible tubular axial flow pump with the Impeller Built-in on the basis of the product structure, and focuses on efficiency improvement of performance and reliability. The product has gained some recognition in the market during product-sale in recent years.

The product is mainly applied to electromechanical irrigation, flood control and waterlogging or water intake project characterized by combination of irrigation and drainage,low head and large flow rate.


Capacity: 720-36000m³/h

Head: 1.0-12m

Outlet diameter:350mm-1800mm

Power: 7.5kw-630kw


Medium Temp.: ≤50℃


Particle dia.: ≤1/10 Outlet Dia. without too many fibre



City flood control and Waterlog drainage

Industry and Agriculture water supply

Area Water transit

Eco-environment treatment



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